Mr. Michael Howbrook was Conferred "Magnolia Silver Award" by Shanghai Municipal Government in 2015

On 8th Sep, 2015, Mr. Michael Howbrook, Director of TELFORT Business Institute, was honored with Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government at Jing An Shangri-la. Zhang Xiaosong, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipality, presented the award to the winners. Zhang Huaisuo, the vice principle of Shanghai Institute of Technology and other leaders attended the ceremony on behalf of the school.

Mr. Michael Howbrook graduated from University of Southampton with a master's degree in MBA, has been in a number of world famous large multinational companies as a regional manager, general manager, chief executive officer and other important positions; is still one of the directors of the international commercial continuity forum; has represented the enterprise to attend more international business conference as a spokesman or make business speech in the UK, Europe and Southeast Asia. As been a academic director of TELFORT, he is respected and recognized by the teachers, and also get the student’s trust and praise due to his excellent management experience and rigorous working attitude. His scholarly research idea is: students would have a rewarding experience to study at TELFORT.

TELFORT is one of the Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions with more full-time foreign teachers; its superior internationalization of school management and training standards has been accepted by the society after 17 years of development. The former academic directors were honored with Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government respectively in 2003, 2007 and 2010; now Mr. Michael Howbrook won this award again this year.


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