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Micheal Howbrook   
Direction of Education

In our previous Newsletters we mentioned the exciting times that we at Telfort are entering into and that we have picked up the ‘gauntlet of challenge’ that will take Telfort to a much higher academic level from where it was several years ago.
It can now be said that we are now well on that path in achieving this higher level of education
The Telfort students and staff have worked extremely hard to achieve this very marked progress and it is with thanks to them that the onward and upward path in the level of education continues. It’s a long and at times difficult path that we travel but it is one that we can all be justly proud of. It was never said that this upward path would be an easy one but at the end of the day the rewards to all concerned are enormous.
Recently Telfort Shanghai received visitors from Pacific Lutheran University, The University of Hawai’i. These universities were very impressed with Telfort Shanghai so much so that we now have formal relationships with them. These schools are an example of the Universities where our students can go forward and continue their studies after Telfort. In addition we recently received a visitor from the U.K namely Prof. Andrew Hiles who is the world’s leader in Business Continuity Management who gave the school a presentation on BCM.
Prof Hiles was impressed with Telfort Shanghai BCM courses and will now prove to be a valuable asset in our future development and presentations on this subject. New skills will be introduced at Telfort through the year, skills that will represent the ‘rungs’ in the ladder of progress. Our students increased knowledge and level of education will greatly benefit them when pursuing their wishes for overseas university placement or a job position here in China or overseas.


                                                                  Our Teachers


Jared Allen Weber

My name is Jared Weber and I am a Business Instructor from the United States. Telfort Business Institute has given me an excellent opportunity to be an educator in China. Telfort’s administration has been fantastic to work for and professional in their dealings. The most rewarding aspect of my job is when I get to see students learn; when a student understands a new concept, it makes teaching worth it. I want to thank Telfort for this opportunity to work in China, learn about Chinese culture, and make new friends and associates.

 Jared Richard Godair

My first day visiting Telfort was also my first day arriving in China. For me, the two are similar phenomena. Each presents challenges and opportunities, new insights and memories. It is a unique experience to move from the United States to China, one which requires friendship and direction in order to succeed. I have found each of these at Telfort. The school is an exciting place to be right now. It is beginning to realize its potential and I am excited to be a part of the transformation that is occurring. All told, I am thankful for my time here.

Riley G Calvo Hopkins

Telfort Shanghai has been a very rewarding experience. As an instructor at Telfort Shanghai I have had the unique privilege of helping grow China’s future leaders. Every day at Telfort Shanghai is gratifying because of my opportunity to grow as a mentor. The faculty and staff at Telfort Shanghai are extremely warm and encouraging, which has allowed for a smooth transition from American culture to Chinese culture. As a graduate student and professional, I would rate my time at Telfort Shanghai among the best in my adult life and would highly recommend this institute to anyone thinking about the next phase in their life.

Melissa Judith Cruz

My experience at Telfort has been enjoyable. The students and staff have made the experience of teaching in Shanghai enlightening & provided the teachers with many positive experiences.


Samantha Xu

I have been working at Telfort for two years and this experience has benefited me in several ways. To begin with, as a teacher, while I teach my students how to learn English, they teach me how to communicate with others: getting my message across in effective ways to some students is truly rewarding but challenging. In addition, there are a great number of foreign teachers here at Telfort, which is a great opportunity for me to practice my spoken English and translation skills, and I do love to explain to a westerner things that are unique to China or Chinese culture. I also need to mention that a good variety of extra-curricular student activities that are happening here all year round enrich my life too. Although my involvement in them is as little as, for instance, being a judge, I do feel that when it happens, I am reliving my college days; and working here on a college campus actually enhances that feeling.

Michell Parker PF Autz

It has been a great year of getting to know all of the students and fellow faculty. I have been able to teach a lot different subjects, but I have also learned a lot from these interesting individuals. I know two things for sure, I will never have a better boss and all of the students will do great during their next venture, whether they stay in China or continue their work in another country.

Katerine Jeannette

Teaching at Telfort this year has been such a pleasure. Armed with a big mug of coffee, I'm excited to see my students' faces every morning and help them to learn and grow. Telfort has been a wonderful home and a great introduction to life in China. A big thanks to my fellow teachers and the Telfort administration for all the support throughout the year. I'd like to wish this year's graduates the best of luck and I can't wait to see the rest of you next year! Keep working hard!


President of Student Union

Hello everyone, my name is Cissie, the leader of the student union. I have benefited a lot from being a leader and I would like to introduce our student union for you.

If you are a person who loves helping others and have passion on life, you will feel lucky to join in the student union. Every year there are variety of campus activities in Telfort, such as Halloween celebration party, cosplay top ten contest, Christmas party, English karaoke contest and so on. Those activities not only enrich our campus life but also promote our friendship. The student union is responsibility for planning, organizing and implying those activities. Each activity is well prepared by the student union. As a member of student union, you will feel happy, honored and worthwhile when the activities, which are planned by yourself are popular among students. What's more, there are plenty of different clubs such as food club, photography club, basketball club and so on. Organized by student union, students actively take part in those clubs. It fulfills the students spare time.
Student union likes a big family. We help each other and care about each other. We cooperate well even if we work in different departments. Meanwhile, the student union always adheres to the principle of seeking common points while reserving difference. We are willing to listen to members’ advice and absorb the best. At the end we will get a optimal plan.
It is the time for you to join the student union! You will feel that it is the great part of your life in telfort.                          
                                                            Student Union


The 12th English Cultural Festival“English Karaoke” Competition

The final of the “English Karaoke” Competition, one of the activities of the 12th Telfort English Cultural Festival, was held in conference hall 116 of Tuwen Building on 27th November, 2014. The 30 competitors of this year’s competition were recommended by all grade levels, and 10 of them were selected for the final through the first round and semi-finals.
The 10 finalists all performed with their highest levels in the final round, and at the same time, brought happiness and enjoyment to audience with their extraordinary stage performance. To make the competition more interactive and entertaining, a lucky draw was arranged by organizers to relieve competitors’ stresses and tensions, and also created opportunities for competitors to have more interactions with the audience.
The jury group for the final competition was composed of five foreign teachers who were invited by the organizing committee especially for the final. They graded the competitors in multiple aspects including their singing skills, English abilities and the content of performance. At the end of the competition, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places were awarded to participants listed below.
First Prize: YANG Xiaowen (Winifred, Class201302)
Second Prize: XU Yiqun (Catherine, Class PMP)
Third Prize: DENG Wendi (Wendy, Class 201105)
Submitted by:Student Union
The 12th English Cultural Festival Hallowen Party

On the afternoon of October 30th, Halloween Party was thrown at the teaching building as part of the activities themed with “The 11th Telford English Culture Festival”.
Before the party, students arranged by the Student Union had already decorated the event venue appropriately to obey the traditional rules.
The crowds continued to grow in size and volume as soon as the party began. Approximately 100 teachers and students home and abroad attended party and dressed up in various characters. The party was crowned when they hugged and took photos with each other. Besides, various pavilions were situated on site to exhibit delicate pumpkins carved by students in every size and shape and haunted houses with different features.
For the college, running Halloween events every year can help students deepen their knowledge about western traditional cultures, as well as providing a stage on which students can enjoy themselves through the extracurricular activities they take part in. Just as what they did while carving pumpkins and dressing up to join this Halloween Party really gave them a chance to explore their capacity and relieve themselves from daily study stresses.
Eventually, the organizing committee awarded “Halloween Little Demon Award” to 8 party attendants listed as follow.
Class 201205 夏婉月 Hawaii Class 201402 潘子豪 Panda
Class 201401陶思蒙 Simon Class 201301王彬臣 Benson
Class 201402黄慧诚Tommy Class 201402洪紫薇Zoe
Class 201304徐浩南Dean Class 201402 李菲Mraz
Submitted by:Student Union
The 12thTelfort English Culture Festival Christmas Party & the Closing Ceremony

1 p.m. 24th December, 2014, the Closing Ceremony of the 12thTelfort English Culture Festival & Christmas Celebration officially started in the joyful music notes. Applause and cheers erupted from all teachers and students off the s tage when 17 performances elaborately choreographed by the organizing committee were put up on stage.
This year’s English Culture Festival began on 15th October, 2014, and ended up on 24th December, 2014. During the festival period, six English recreational and competitive activities were held in accordance with students’ interests and hobbies. The number of participants was beyond 200, and 36 prizes were awarded totally, including top ten finalists received 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in English Karaoke Competition accordingly; ten teams won “Halloween Little Demon Award” in Halloween Costume Party; and sixteen performances got 1st, 2nd and 3rd places accordingly in Christmas Celebration. In sum, about one hundred students won the prizes in this year’s English Culture Festival.
This year’s English Culture Festival was premised on the basis of demonstrating students’ English capacity, promoting international arts and culture exchanges, and was also especially designed to improve students’ organizing abilities as well as team spirit of creation. Therefore, participants were asked to form in groups or classes when presenting their performance.
The Students’ Union and Dean's Office are two major organizers of English Culture Festival each year. It requires a well-organized team comprised of students from various disciplines, students leaders, faculties as well as teachers. Students are usually the decision makers and professors guide and monitor the preparation progress. Every reasonable effort had been made by everyone with the organizing committee regarding schedule and contests rules related to the festival events. This year the festival also received abundance supporting from all the participants and concluded successfully.
The 12thTelfort English Culture Festival has concluded successfully. The cultural and arts exchanges among teachers and fellow students at home and abroad brought happiness and passions to all participants. All foreign teachers and our students had a deeper understanding about each other, and their friendships were enhanced as well. We all hope to gather together in the next year!
Submitted by: Student Union
2015“Easter”English Presentation Competition

Each year Dean's Office organizes students’ English Public Speaking Contest with the aim of creating a benign academic atmosphere, boosting students’ passions in English, and providing a platform accessible for all students for demonstrating their English communication skills. And this year the contest was started on 8th April. The speech topics were adjusted to the Easter Day students were celebrating. The contest was open to juniors, senior and PMP students. After two rounds of heats and a semi-final, 14 eligible participants advanced to the final round of the contest.
The final was judged by Kate, Jared.W, Brian and Riley. The judges were required to comment on participants’ performance in terms of individuals’ advantages and the limitations, as well as giving the instructions on further improvements. After a careful and independent evaluation process, these awards listed below were offered to the following students because of their excellent performance during the period of the final round.
The first prize: Chen Yafei Faye with class 201301, Shen Mengqian Cissie with class 201301
The second prize: Yin Qixue Vico with class 201301, Qiyanjia Helen with class 201301
The Best Slides Awards: Yin Qixue Vico with class 201301
Submitted by: Student Affair Department
The 5th Telfort Interesting Sports Meeting

The 5th Interesting Sports Meeting completed successfully on 4th June in the south sports filed in the institute. Four categories with seven events were held such as basketball, three funny activities, three-legged race, and tug of war. Under the sufficient preparation and arrangement of the staff in Student Union and Teaching Management Department, more than 230 students and teachers have engaged in the competition with over onemonth enrolment period from 27th April.
Participants have actively demonstrated their high competitiveness both in the team sports and individual ones. At the same time, mutual respect and mutual learning emerged everywhere. What impressed us the most was not only the intense competition and the cheers and laughs of players and audience.
Sports do bring us health and happiness. The results we achieved in this sports meeting gave full expression to the purpose of Telfort Interesting Sports Meeting every year: To Exercise, To keep Healthy, and To pursue Happiness.
Submitted by: Student Union

The Challenge of Will, the Power of Cooperation
—- Outdoor Training for Students Enrolled in 2013

Good teamwork spirit and persistent hard-working are essential professional spirit and life atti-tude to the future development of contemporary college students.
To develop and train students’ abilities to work hard and take challenges when facing difficulties in their future career development, our career planning department worked with Sino-job, have organized college students’ team building activities in Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park for all students enrolled in 2013 on May 20th. There were a total of three events held: Team Restructuring, The Great Bump, and Amazing Race in 60 Seconds. Different traits and requirements of these events really brought joy to our students, but more importantly, students began to understand that fulfilling a task not only requires their unremitting efforts, but good teamwork spirit and trust between each other.
Team building is a part of students’ career planning program. After joining in these activities, most students feel that it not only fills them with experience to understand the importance of teamwork in their life and study, but at the same time, brings them with the new knowledge and improvements in their attitude towards future life and career development. They hope that more activities should be organized in spare time to lead them go out into the enterprise, into the society and into the nature, and meanwhile improve their cognitive ability to the society.
Submitted by: Career Department


Honour Graduation Student:Sabrina Wang

Good afternoon,my teachers ,y classmates, ladies and gentlemen. After few minutes, I will be a graduate from Telfort. I am honored to get this degree. On behalf of other honorees, I say thank you. Thank you for giving us this singular privilege of being part of this commencement ceremony.
Recently, we have been repeating the same sentence “we are going to graduate!’ Yes, it’s a fact. However, we can tell our mood from our faces-excited and a little sad. Graduation means leaving, leaving our harmonies campus, leaving our warm community, leaving our kindly teacher and adorable classmates. How times flies! We are all sad about the quick coming of the moment of departure. But now we have a myriad of thoughts, all of the lasting moments have surfaced in our eyes; the moment we played basketball with our friends on the basketball court; the moment we expressed our opinions and debated with our classmates and teachers; the moment we prepared for various activities; and also the moment we sang songs while taking shower. All that is gone is the time we spent together, not the unique friendship that we are laving.
Graduation means stepping into the competitive society. Looking back in time, it’s really hard for us to calm down our mood. We are about to enter a new environment to begin our hard sailing in our life. For work and for life, we keep running around.

Honors Graduation Student:Tim Zhang
Good afternoon everyone . My name is Tim or Panda . Do not ask me why I name myself Panda , that's a secret I'll never tell . 2012 was the year I came to Telfort . At that period , I was so young and so naive . I didn't get the major as I want after the college entrance examination . So here I am , at the Telfort Shanghai presenting to you right now .
It's been three years from now . I met so many people with positive energy . Jennifer and Jet , I want to say thank you right now , thank you ! You two are like my soul mate at first year . We talked a lot , it's not only helping me with my oral English , but also encourage me as life coaches . Sweet Melissa , thank you for your little inspiring story , I have truly happy laugh at Charry's course ! Lively Kate's presentation class , taught me how to give a good speech . And Maci's smile, handsome Brian's BCM class , beautiful Lisa , we were having so much fun at Halloween party . Thank you Eddie and CJ for always been nice to me and help me out with the research papers at last period at Telfort . Thank you to all the teachers That I met , thank you guys .
In Telfort , some of students are going aboard , others are finding a job after three or two years . I'm as an intern in a export company right now . What I could tell you is the knowledge we learned at school may not be used during the work , but the attitude of study should be same as working attitude . If you have any problems , just go upstairs and find Miss He , she will help you with your Career Development . Don't be shy , she won't bite .
Finally , I want to say I really have a memorable time with Telfort's teachers and my classmates . Love you guys!


I want to document every aspects of my life in Britain this year. But I don’t know how to start. Maybe it’s not worth talking as I think, to some extent, my life in Britain was boring. I remember when I first arrived at Britain, I was curious about everything coming into my eyes. I ordered a cup of coffee in the airport café while seeing people kissing, hugging, or passing me by. I was thinking one day I would do the same thing that they just did. Walking out of the airport, I got on a bus to go to my university, and the moment when I entered into the dormitory, I suddenly realized that I was so far away from home. Basically, I laid on a bed with no bed linen the first night I stayed in Britain.
I began my studies right after I came to Britain, therefore I didn’t have a grace period to adapt myself into new culture and language envi-ronment. But I do think that the grace period was pivotal for the international students like us because it could provide us with sufficient time to connect with peers students. The regional accents of English speakers show great variation across the countries. I still remember one day I was on a group discussion with one of my fellow student from France. Although I paid great attentions to his presentation, I barely understood what he said. If that happens, I can tell you now. No worries. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Eventually you will get used to the personal accents, then you will understand the word people are saying. Usually in British university, lectures are given in the large enrollment courses. Students are required to split into small groups for case studies. Back then, we also had to complete individual homework assignment, and did oral presentation for the courses. I studied very hard for the exam. I remember once I used 7 A4 paper to track down all key points mentioned by the professor in classes. And there was a rule that one A4 paper of note qualified was allowed to take into the exam room. Unfortunately, my note failed to meet the standard, so it was confiscated by the invigilator. So I felt frustrated because I were unable to take advantage of the note I prepared beforehand. From my perspective, dealing with psychological stress was also critical for international students.
In general, compared to the huge amount of time I spent in the domestic educational institution learning theoretical knowledge in classroom from the professor, the majority of after school time here in Britain was spent in the library, learning on myself. My life abroad was also completely different from life at home. Instead of gossiping or hanging out with schoolmates and friends in leisure time, I needed to consistently update myself to overcome difficulties I ran into. Truth be told, the biggest difficulty I met during my stay in Britain was home sick. Words and phrases that come up in most everyday conversations of mine are thank you and sorry. And I’m sure that international students will have a feeling of the exotic here. In Britain, you will find that people smile at you along the way to the city center, that people tell you have a nice day after you purchasing anything, that people say cheers if you holding a door open, that people are willing to help before you ask, that you can get help right after you ask. Those things above seem too trivial to mention, but they happen here in real. Vehicles don’t rush through their route. And drivers have accepted a heightened responsibility for other people, like pedestrian on the road.
Admittedly, when I went to Britain pursuing further education last year, I was in a buoyant mood and was looking forward to my new life. After I arrived, I had a sense of insecure because of the completely unknown environment. Reaching a foreign territory, more often than not, means you have to count on your own. After the grace period if possible, you will develop a sense of achievement which helps you to become mature mentally, and will be so pound of yourself for having that extraordinary experience. There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. You should go and have your personal thought on how you feel about studying abroad. I hope you adapt to new life in Britain.

Studying abroad was a brand new experience for me and I had mixed feelings about it. When I was in Britain, there was few Chinese around my residency, which, to some extent, helps me to enjoy the exotic British living.

I learnt to count on my own when things happened and also I got used to living independently even though I kept questioning myself why I came here and blaming myself on choosing to study abroad at first. But later on I began to like my life and study in Britain as I became a stronger me. If I’ve never been abroad, I wouldn’t have some many chances to experience new things and I probably never find out myself could be a multi-talented personal.
Life in Britain could be tough and busy as I had to do shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning as well as finding accommodation, signing contrast, moving in, validating internet connection, etc. all by myself. As for the study in British university, I found it did cultivate my ability of learning independently instead of relying on my fellow classmates for helps. Besides, I had to organize the school work properly because no one was supposed to be there any more to watch over my shoulders. In addition, as a part of the syllabus, we were always required to do team projects in which I could truly cooperative with different schoolmates who came from different countries with various background and specialty. Choosing to study abroad needs to be brave. It could be tough and full of frustrations. However, Studying abroad provides unique learning opportunities and makes life worthwhile as long as you live in the present moment with great patience.  


I am very glad to tell you something about the student union at our school. First of all, I have to say that it is a great honour for me to be the chairman of the Telfort student union.

As we all know, the student union stands for the students’ rights which let us make choices about our student life. All of us are from different high schools with different backgrounds, and sometimes we are from different countries. However, no matter where we are from, we are all together like a big family helping each other.
Every year our school has many activities. These include the English Karaoke Contest, the Christmas party, and the Sports meeting. Every year we will select new students to join our union. Once they have joined our union, we will train them with many practical cases. We allow every member to give suggestions and come up with ideas. Our art department is very outstanding because there are many elite students in it.
As members of the student union, we don't think about personal gains and losses. All we think about is how to improve our team's ability and how to make better activities.
-You will be mature in this learning organization, explicit & tacit learning, whichever u want. Keep your fingers crossed x.


I still remember how excited I was to start my study in UK after a ten-hour flight. I find my previous life style changed when I stayed in UK. At that time, I began to know that I was really far from my home, and no matter what kind of difficulties or hardships I might encounter, I could only rely on myself because I didn’t have any siblings, friends or family members whom I could ask for help. I always kept this belief in my mind. Three months passed in a flash. I’ve gone through a lot during that period, and I still believed that nothing could be completed without my voluntarily exploration to all the new things. Right now, I don’t want to make you feel complicated by saying too much about this, just remember: set a positive attitude, keeping adjusting yourself consistently and eventually troubles will finally be solved.

Back then, I lived in Newcastle, a city in the northeast of Britain. The local residents are hospitable. Whatever troubles you are in, they all are willing to help you. The public transport system here is fantastic, especially the subway which makes it easy to get around. And price of the necessities is not that expensive. If you are new to this place, you may convert pound to RMB every time when you pay. But when you forget to do that, it means you’ve already got used to it. I adapted to the life there quite quickly.
Adapting to studying in UK requires many efforts. What’s more, it’s really a huge adjustment. The teaching methods used in UK are completely different to those in China. To put it simply, teachers here would only set tasks, talk you through the methodologies and recommend reference books for you to read. And Lecturers only pay attentions to your feedback instead of staying with you in the whole process. Since every task would only be projected on the white screen through the projector, you may not finish your tasks if you fail to remember clearly.
It would take you approximately one month to get used to a foreign language environment. Some teachers speak in a relatively slow speed when giving lectures, but local students speak as fast as a famous Chinese host “Hua Shao”, and you might find it hard to stay with what they’ve said. My previous experience tells me that only when you spend a large amount of time in reading academic articles relevant to your research field can you make up for your disadvantage in language and gain a competitive advantage in the seminar.

It has been five months since I came to UK. It seems to me that everyone who comes to this country for the first time will, more often than not, have to spend almost a one-month long period for adapting to life in a new culture.

The first month really suffers the most. Personally speaking, the emotional sense of insecurity, being out of my comfort zone, the language problems, the ability of living independence, and the relationship with old friends as well as new friends are nothing but challenges to me. I had to learn to overcome or at least live with those difficulties in the first month. I assume that people all had mixed feelings when suffering from homesickness; however, every time when I were doing face time with family members, I always pretended to be enjoyable and said, “the life in here is much better than in domestic.” After this month, basically everything has been put on the right track. To be honest, my life pace in UK was slow and leisure.
In general, the academic atmosphere is purely the self-management style. Tutors here are all very nice, and no matter what kind of problems we encountered, we could email to them to make an appointment for getting their help. Sometimes, people may be a little agitated in terms of this brand new ways of learning as they have never experienced before. But once we get over those hardships, the sense of achievement will make us stronger and more confident. Everything I have encountered in UK taught me one word — confidence. I believe that I’m no longer the girl who has to rely on other people for help. I’m now a girl building on my own capacities. Just remember that when you are studying abroad, we could only rely on ourselves — a person with confidence.

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